Being in the presence of two people who are madly in love can't help but make you feel like the world is a good place. Adam and Sara are expecting their baby boy in January, and Adam had messaged me to arrange our couples maternity shoot a few days before Christmas as a gift to Sara. Super sweet. They were so into each other during our shoot, that I barely had to direct them. Plus they're both just so darn photogenic! Sara is naturally beautiful - a modern Lauren Hutton who my camera fell in love with on the first snap. I felt like I was shooting an ad for a magazine with these two!  But this little maternity session wasn't all Adam had in mind...

Adam wanted to continue our shoot after dark. He had something very special to give to Sara, something he had designed especially for her. He specifically wanted Christmas lights in the background, so we chose Jordan Valley Park. I love low-light photography, so I was all about it. It's one of the biggest challenges for a natural/ambient light photographer, but it's also extremely gratifying to use everything you've learned about exposure in spontaneous circumstances like this. 

We got to the park, and after the sun FINALLY went down, we took a little walk. There was so much nervous, excited energy flowing! Adam and Sara walked up the path ahead of me, and then he turned, hugged her tightly, and...

She said "Yes!" 

And I started crying. Sara was already crying. I'm pretty sure we all were. Crying and photography don't go well together, but somehow through my foggy viewfinder, I was still able to function.

Sometimes, it all works out just right. 

Thank you, Adam and Sara, for including me in your special night. It's something I'll never forget.