Flyover Photography
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The day of Angie and Johnny's shoot, Angie met me on the corner of Jefferson and Walnut. I could tell that something was wrong, and she began to tell me about the week they had been having. A lot of unfortunate events had happened, and our photo shoot was the one bright spot in an otherwise stressful week. I touched her gently on the shoulder and told her, "Right now, this is what matters: you and Johnny and your relationship. Just breathe, look at each other, and the rest will take care of itself."

A few minutes after the shutter started clicking, laughter and relaxed smiles began to appear, and our shoot was off and running. 

I think it's amazing how love soothes all of the negative things that come our way. These pictures prove that all the worries of life pale in comparison to love, passion, and a connection that makes the rest of the world fall away.