Being joined together as a married couple is more than what happens during the wedding ceremony.  It's creating a home together - building a relationship piece by piece, adding the things that help you grow as a couple, and taking away and forgiving the things that don't matter. Home is both the physical surroundings where our children take their first steps and we host holiday gatherings, but it's also something we carry in our hearts. Our loved ones are our "home" as well.

Adam and Sara's wedding day was a family affair. They have poured their hearts, and lots of hard work, into their historic Dutch Colonial farmhouse, and knew they wanted to host their wedding in the backyard. Adam built the arbor where he and Sara said their vows with his own hands, and Sara's family pitched in and did most of the decor and wedding planning themselves. Their guests were some of the coolest people I have ever seen - some driving all the way from Colorado and Utah to camp in Sara and Adam's backyard, and enjoy some barbecue, a bonfire, and a night full of dancing. Little ones ran through the yard -  chasing dogs, laughing, and just being kids. Adam and Sara's children played a big role during the ceremony, vowing along with their parents to keep their home happy and full of love.

As the night began to wind down, Sara stole away for a few moments to tuck their youngest, Maxx, into bed. When she came back out, Adam pulled her in for another dance, the baby monitor at her hip. To me, this said everything about who they are, and I got a little teary-eyed watching them dance. Their love for their kids and each other is so obvious to all who know them.

Intimate weddings are the definition of everything that I enjoy about being a lifestyle photographer. When people are comfortable with those they are celebrating with, they are free to be themselves, let loose, and the real and beautiful moments unfold on their own. Adam told me to capture all of those moments -  candid, silly, messy, and tender. So that's what I tried to do. I think the pictures say it all.  

'Home is wherever I'm with you.' Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes