Hannah is pure sunshine. I kept thinking of sunshine from the first moment I met her -  and even though we didn't have a ton of sunlight during her shoot, she brought her warm personality and sweet smile, so when the light broke through the clouds, it was just an added bonus. 

Hannah plays the marimba - a gigantic wooden instrument that would be impossible to transport - so she brought her xylophone instead, and started to draw a crowd with just her warm-up songs and exercises! You can tell she is a very skilled musician, and loves performing in concert as well as in marching band. She is also a talented tennis player and has been involved in Girl Scouts since she was young. 

As we walked from location to location between poses, Hannah and her family talked about our native Missouri plants, traveling, and how much she likes the feel of the earth on her bare feet. At one point, she ditched her cute sandals completely and we did the rest of her session barefoot! 

Most of my senior clients are old souls. They are worldly, intelligent, and deep. Many times, adults dismiss teenagers as silly, shallow and moody, but I wasn't that kind of teen, either. I had my head in a book most of the time, and instead of daydreaming about boys, I was daydreaming about adventures in other lands and creating stories in my head. 

Hannah is going to go far - I can only imagine the adventures this bright, beautiful, and cheerful young woman will have. It was such a pleasure meeting Hannah as well as her family, and I know senior year will bring many opportunities for Hannah to shine!