The Bartletts and I go back a few years. I met Nick as his hairstylist while he was a senior in high school. When he moved to Columbia to attend Mizzou, he met Brooke and quickly fell head over heels in love with her intelligence and beauty. When he would come home for breaks, Nick would talk about this amazing woman he was dating, and I couldn't wait to meet Brooke as well! She and Nick came to my wedding in New Orleans back in 2011, and sure enough, Brooke was just as wonderful as Nick had said. She even caught the bouquet, and for once that old tradition played out - she and Nick were married the following year!  

The Bartletts are getting ready to celebrate their third anniversary, and baby Nolan arrived just a few months ago, making their happy home even happier! He is adorable and very sweet. During our shoot, his big brown eyes took everything in and gave me some pretty amusing looks. This little guy is so curious about his world.

The Bartletts still live in Columbia, where their entrepreneurial spirit shines through their boutique specialty popcorn company  - CoMo GoPo.  I have had their popcorn, and it is amazing! They have lots of interesting and creative sweet and savory flavor combinations, so you should check them out online! 

I was so excited that the Bartletts drove back to Springfield for their family portraits, and I can't wait to see little Nolan grow up surrounded by so much love. It's always an honor to be chosen as a family's photographer, but it's even more special when your subjects are also your friends.

Thank you Brooke, Nick, and little Nolan for a wonderful afternoon!