The Yorks are a busy family, and hadn't had portraits done for several years. They recognized the importance of having pictures made while the kids are still young, and when my friend Betsy asked me if I would be available to photograph her entire family this fall, I jumped at the chance! I love photographing large families, and while it can be challenging to get everyone together for  pictures, it's always worth the effort. The grandkids will be especially glad they have these memories to show their own children someday.

We were fortunate to have a gorgeous sunny afternoon at Ritter Springs, and made the most of the last colors of autumn. The kids enjoyed playing and getting into tickle-fights as we moved through our session. Even the grown-ups had fun being playful! It's so important to have fun during a photo session. I often tell families that I can't Photoshop out stress, and that the slightly imperfect and silly moments make for the best pictures, so don't worry and just enjoy the time together. Play and interact with the kids like you would during any other day at the park, and it will all work out brilliantly.

We ended our session by the pond - my favorite location at Ritter. While it's a bit of a walk to get there, when the sun dips below the tree line, the light becomes soft and diffuse, and creates the most wonderful reflections of the trees in the water. Being familiar with the way that light moves at my locations helps me to direct families in such a way that is never rushed or hectic. I've learned the hard way to be patient and wait for the light - it makes all the difference.

I am so thankful that the Yorks chose me to document their family. Wayne and Linda certainly have a lot to be proud of with their children and grandchildren, and I hope that these pictures serve as a beloved marker in time for generations to come!