When I think of driven, determined, and hard-working young women, Rachel is at the top of the list. She not only goes to school full-time (and is even graduating early) but she has an after-school job, and is a competitive cheerleader with ICON. Rachel has competed in national cheer competitions, and won several trophies with her team. She has the ability to be both a flyer and a base, and the degree of her athleticism and skill is over the top - although she would never brag about that. She's far too humble. But her mama has told me all about it, as proud mamas do.

When a back injury sidelined Rachel from competing earlier this year, she still went to competitions to cheer on her teammates. Even though it was hard not to be up there with them, she knew that being there in spirit was important. She's making her way back to the spotlight with time, rehabilitation, and conditioning. Anyone who thinks that cheerleading is just cute girls in short skirts bouncing around with pom-poms should talk to Rachel. She is serious about her sport, has willingly suffered for it, and is an absolute perfectionist.

Rachel wants to be a nurse, and with her level of determination, the rigors of nursing school will have nothing on her. This is a girl who sees what she wants, and does anything and everything in her power to achieve her dreams. She has a lot to be proud of.

Lots of love and luck as you finish up your senior year, Rachel! Keep dreaming big.