When something is right, you do it once. When something is really right, you do it twice. On the evening I first met with Andrea and Rob, Andrea pulled me aside and whispered, "I have to tell you something - we're already married. We have been for awhile. But we got married at the courthouse, and I wanted to finally do it right."

Every girl dreams of her wedding day - the dress, the flowers, her best friends surrounding her. As Andrea set about planning the wedding of her dreams, she knew she wanted a ceremony that would be an intimate, family affair replete with simple country elegance.

Their wedding fell on a glorious autumn day - the kind of day where the mist rises in the morning, and the sun sets low and golden. Andrea and her bridesmaids chatted and joked as they got ready for the ceremony, but when Andrea donned her gorgeous Oleg Cassini ballgown, the room suddenly got quiet. Andrea was as beautiful as any princess. There were plenty of tears and hugs to go around. After a few more moments with her girls, I whisked her away for her first look with her dad, and could see how proud Rodney was when he turned to see his beautiful daughter.

The ceremony was a meaningful vow renewal, as Andrea and Rob stood with the blessing of their families and their children under the wedding bower. The reception that followed was full of dancing, kids running to and fro, barbecue, and red Solo cups. 

Andrea and Rob are the salt of the earth - a couple who enjoys spending time outdoors, whether in front of a bonfire with a cold beer, or camping out in the woods, waiting for the perfect deer to come along. They are easygoing and kind - the type of people that make you feel comfortable right away, without pretension or artifice. I laughed a lot on their wedding day. Their family reminds me a lot of my own.

I often tell my couples that I usually know within a few moments of meeting whether or not we'll be a good fit. (Wedding consultations are a lot like a first date!) If it feels like having coffee with old friends, it's usually right. I love people who are comfortable in their own skin, who aren't afraid to be themselves, and who plan their weddings to reflect that. Andrea and Rob are good people. And I'm so glad I got to be there as they promised all the things that a husband and wife should promise to one another. Times two.