Crystal and I met online a year or so ago via Twitter. (I love Twitter - it's where all the cool people hang out!) She is a blogger, photographer, artist, and the mastermind behind the burgeoning Year of Creative Habits (YOCH) community. Her blog and Instagram feed are a visual delight - her photography collages often include her daily paintings, her healthy and gorgeous meals, and the tools of her trade.

In preparation for her exhibition at Obelisk for the March 6th First Friday, Crystal emailed me a couple weeks ago about a studio session to highlight her newly reorganized workspace and creative process. I love doing lifestyle sessions, so it was a real treat for me!

Her studio is an integral part of her family's home, and it is filled with the most wonderful light. Crystal homeschools her two children in the same space, and I can only imagine how learning in such a beautiful environment encourages creative thought. It was her daughter's unrestrained creativity that inspired Crystal to begin A Year of Creative Habits, and the online community has grown tremendously since it began during December of 2013. 

Crystal is all about inspiring other artists to grow and nourish their ideas into fruition. She writes honestly about her own struggles and triumphs as an artist, and encourages others to share their work online with the hashtag #yearofcreativehabits 

These are Crystal's rules for participating in Year Of  Creative Habits:

  • Choose one creative habit.
  • Do it everyday.
  • Share my effort/progress with others.
  • Reflect and make changes along the way.

Crystal is also passionate about animal rescue. She contributes a painting of a local rescue dog every Thursday - #Fursday - to her blog and IG account to raise awareness and help find forever homes for these dogs. It's such a unique way to give back, and I really admire her desire to help these animals.

Watching an artist at work is fascinating for me. Since my medium is photography, I am truly inspired by people who can paint and draw, especially as quickly and elegantly as Crystal. She makes her art seem effortless. She's also humble about her talents, and embraces minimalism in her work and lifestyle.  It was so nice to finally meet her IRL! 

Working with creative friends makes my heart happy. 

Thanks for inviting me to your studio, Crystal! 

If you're local to Springfield, come see Crystal and her work at Obelisk on March 6th during Artwalk, or check out and get inspired to start your own #yearofcreativehabits