When I turned 40 a few months ago, the awareness that I am (probably) halfway through my life started to sink in. Not in a depressing way - just in a way that made me take stock of my life. Where I've been so far. Where I am right now. Where I'm going.

Those first 40 years flew by, let me tell you. 

Something that hit me especially hard was how much of that time I took for granted. We're all cavalier in our youth, whether we care to admit it or not. We think we have so much time. We stay at jobs that drain us. We spend money on degrees we feel like we "have" to have, but never really use. We put off vacations and spending time with our families. We linger long in toxic relationships. 

Most of us have to do that, honestly. We have to take some things for granted early on, so that we learn how to appreciate them later. Forgiving yourself is important, too. 

But I think gratitude is the key to happiness. 

Have you ever met an older person who exudes peace and satisfaction with life? Talk to them for a few moments, and you'll likely see that they have implemented the grace of forgiving those who have hurt them, that they have taken every opportunity to learn and grow, but above all else - that they are thankful.

I believe the secret to getting closer to the heart of Divinity is not only love, but gratitude.

I'm slowing down. I'm taking note of every moment. I am learning to be thankful for the here and now.