Every now and then, you get the opportunity to meet a young person who really has it together. Regan is the whole package - she's smart, she's mature, and her beauty is just the icing on the cake. She's a fantastic soccer player, loves the outdoors, her family, and her dachshund Polly. I recently finished shooting her senior portraits, and this Rogersville senior is getting ready to go into the world and grasp life with both hands. 

Regan wants to be a neonatologist. She wants to save babies. She doesn't waver at all in that conviction. She will start her courses at the University of Missouri in Columbia this fall to begin pre-requisites for medical school. With a renewable scholarship under her belt, she is already working hard to make sure she will realize her dreams.

With kids like Regan out there, I know that the future is in great hands. I'm so honored that I got to capture her at the moment when she crosses the threshold into the rest of her life.