Joey is the type of guy who lives for the outdoors. He's been a bowhunter and a fisherman since the age of five. He also loves to camp and go rambling around the countryside on his 4-wheeler. This is a kid who is action-packed!

Joey is also a very thoughtful and hard-working young man. He's caring, responsible, and knows what he wants in life. Having grown up in the farming community of Alton, MO, and being  involved in the FFA, he knows what it means to make a living with your own two hands. Joey knows that he wants to become a welder after graduation. He wants to build things. 

Joey is soft-spoken, and a little on the shy side, so we spent the first ten or fifteen minutes just walking and talking about all the things he's into before I even brought the camera out. He was most excited to do the archery segment of his session, so we saved it for last to catch the absolute best light. 

Joey even brought a box full of shed antlers he had found in the woods as props for his session. I told him I was a little jealous, and he told me to just go for a hike in January or February, and I should find all kinds! (I'm keeping that in mind.)

Joey is a cool kid. It's refreshing to see young people who are still into things that just can't be experienced in front of a screen. I really enjoyed hanging out with him, meeting his family, and talking about his senior year. 

Senior portrait sessions should reflect your personality, your favorite activities, and your character. They should portray you in a way that is truly who you are!

Thanks Joey, Amanda, and Freda for a wonderful afternoon!