In-home lifestyle sessions, especially with babies and young children, are the way to go. The kids feel safe and comfortable in their own environment, and these slice-of-life sessions become special family heirlooms. Mom and Dad can relax, let their kids be kids, and there's no pressure. Posed pictures are great, but love is found most often in the moments when we forget the camera is there. I would much rather be a fly on the wall, documenting the natural flow of love and affection between family members, than directing every step of the way.

Adam and Sara invited me out to their historic farmhouse in Hollister to photograph Maxx for his 3-month birthday.  Three months is such a sweet age - babies are discovering their hands and feet, and purposeful smiles are beginning to happen more and more often. At this age, they still have the newness of being fresh into this world, but they are becoming an active part of their surroundings. Elijah, Maxx's brother who is closest in age, was there as well - and he loved the camera! Seeing Elijah being so caring and attentive to his little brother was precious. You can tell these two will always be close. 

You might remember Adam and Sara from this post.  I was honored to capture Adam's surprise proposal to Sara this past winter, as well as their fun maternity pictures. Their wedding is coming up in September, and I cannot wait to be there with my camera. With so much love between Adam, Sara, and their four children, I know their rustic wedding is going to be a beautiful event!