Lauren is one of the most easygoing teenagers I've ever met. Originally hailing from San Diego, she now loves living life at a slower pace in the Midwest. She's a member of the Kickapoo High competition chamber choir, and works as a lifeguard and swim coach for the parks department. She's very sweet and soft-spoken, and was so excited to just go hang out in a field of wildflowers and take some pictures. (It's the main reason why she and her mom, Kim, hired me!)

Lauren and Kim were such troupers in the crazy heat and humidity, and we soon found the perfect spot filled to the brim with Queen Anne's Lace. Lauren was in her happy place immediately. She started grinning as soon as she could feel her toes hit the grass. I barely had to direct her at all!

I took a little bit of extra time at the end of our session to drive Lauren to Springfield Lake. We couldn't let a championship swimmer escape without some pictures near her element, after all. The guys who were fishing on the peninsula were so sweet to move their tackle boxes and not sling hooks our way, and the sun was in a great mood as well. We had the most glorious golden-hour light I have seen in ages. And I do mean ages. I've been working with flat light at almost every shoot during this rainy summer, so it was nice to see the sun again!

It was hard to wrap up this great session with Lauren. She's so photogenic, and such a good sport. As we parted, I told her to enjoy her senior year, and to not rush it. I thought of my own daughter, who will be Lauren's age in just six (six!) years - and it made me realize just how short the span between childhood and young adulthood truly is. 

Lauren, thanks for entrusting your senior portraits to me. You are beautiful, inside and out. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, and don't forget to have lots of fun this year!