flyover photography

One of the things that I love about Baby's First Year sessions is seeing how much these little ones change each time I photograph them. Maxx has grown so much since his 3 month session, and at 6 months old, he is a roly-poly heartbreaker with those brown eyes and that adorable smile.

It was a super humid day, but we tried to get more outside photos this time. Baby Maxx (and his mama and me!) were drenched in sweat after a few minutes outdoors, so we took our session inside and finished up with some lifestyle shots with Maxx's brother and sister, Elijah and Ivy. These are always my favorite shots, because you can see the personality of the kids shine most when they're comfortable in their home.

Elijah is just as much of a ham as his little brother and had fun tumbling and hiding in the couch cushions as Ivy watched. She's such a pretty little lady, and she is a trouper, even with a broken leg. You can tell she is a very loving and helpful big sister.

I'm so looking forward to our next session - Maxx will be on the move by then, and I can already tell I'm going to have trouble keeping up with this little redheaded firecracker! Wish me luck!