Some of you may recognize Debbie from my Freckles Project I did a few months ago. She was a great model, so when she messaged me about wanting to do a session with her two granddaughters, cousins Reece and Taylor, I was thrilled! Good genes obviously run in the family. 

One of the things that stood out to me most during our shoot was how our children and grandchildren inherit many of our characteristics. How much is nature and how much is nurture? From Taylor's smile to Reece's relaxed demeanor, I see so much of their grandmother in both of them - but their personalities are still so unique. I can only imagine the line of strong and beautiful women who came before them.

You can tell that Reece and Taylor have been close cousins their whole life. They joked around and laughed a ton during our session! And Debbie is certainly proud of both of them. You can see that in how she looks at them. 

Watching these three ladies, it made me realize that this kind of shoot is something I need to do with my own mom, my daughter, and her cousin. It's pretty special to capture multiple generations of women, and something we should all strive to document for our clients as photographers. 

Thank you Debbie, Reece and Taylor! I had so much fun helping to create some family memories for all of you.