When Nick first saw Jasmin, it was her smile that captured him. Warm, kind, and infectious - he knew that her smile could brighten even the coldest day. Jasmin and Nick met while they were both in college at MSSU. During a Christian campus ministry camping trip, they were assigned kitchen cleanup duty, and made it into a fun game. From that day forward, they were together - first as friends who shared a love of Jesus, helping people, and good coffee, and then as soulmates. 

Nick enlisted in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, while Jasmin stayed at Missouri Southern to finish her nursing degree. While Nick's military service has meant that they have had to be separated for most of their relationship, they have found ways to keep their love shining strong. Their sweet, soulful, inspirational letters to one another(complete with Jasmin's beautiful drawings) as well as the wonders of Skype have kept them close over the miles. 

Nick flew home from Washington and proposed on Jasmin's birthday this past summer, leading her on a path at Nathanael Greene strewn with pictures and signs to a pergola where he knelt and asked to see her smile every day for the rest of their lives.

While Nick's proposal had been warm and sunny, on the day of their engagement session, the weather was dire. We had our first real cold snap of the winter - with a brutal wind out of the west and constant, driving rain. Nick was on leave for Christmas, and this was our only opportunity for engagement photos before their September wedding. This one was going to be a challenge - with widespread flooding making locations few and far between. We had to make it work. And so, with lots of determination and a couple of umbrellas, we did just that. Nick and Jasmin were amazing, and smiled the whole time. Not only did they tough out the wind and the rain to make these images, but we actually managed to have a lot of fun in the process.

Jasmin and Nick are the kind of couple who light up a room when they walk through the door. Their love for one another practically percolates through whatever space they occupy. Jasmin's creativity as an artist and photographer, her sense of adventure, and Nick's devotion and chivalry are so inspiring. They are a blessing to everyone they meet. I'm grateful that they chose me to be their photographer, and I so look forward to telling the story of their wedding day.

Photography Support: Sa'dia Luallen-Blattert

Special Thanks: Eurasia Coffee and Tea