Flyover Photography

On one of the last warm days in November, we got together at Table Rock Lake to photograph Jesse's senior session. Jesse grew up swimming, fishing and hunting on this land, and it is a part of his family legacy that he loves to come back to. Even though Jesse and his mother live in the Kansas City area now, their roots are in the Ozark hills.

There are a lot of qualities about Jesse that make him a well-rounded and generally awesome human being. He's a bit of a chameleon, with a quiet and reserved demeanor that makes many people wonder what he is thinking. But once he gets comfortable, he can quickly become the life of the party - something I can relate to myself!

Jesse has wanted to be a Marine since the age of five, and even though there have been a few roadblocks that have come up against his dream, he is determined to see it happen. And while Jesse does love hunting and outdoor life, he also enjoys going to EDM concerts in the city and hanging out with friends from all walks of life. His mom, Cassandra, told me that he is the most open-minded and kind-hearted person she knows. He doesn't judge others, and always gives people the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to conclusions. (I see that as a testament to his upbringing, because his mother is one of the kindest people I know.)

Jesse is polite, well-spoken, and charming in a way that he's not yet fully aware of. While some teenaged boys can possess an abundance of bravado, Jesse is mellow but strong, aware of how his actions affect others, and quietly confident. I think he's going to have many great opportunities presented to him in life, because the cloth that he is cut from is pretty fantastic. 

Enjoy your senior year, Jesse! I can't wait to see you make your dreams come true.