When true love finds you, there's no hesitation, no doubt, no question. When Laine and Felisity met, they just knew. They knew that home was a place which was found in one another's hearts. When they married just a few weeks after meeting, in an impromptu ceremony officiated by a friend, the rest to come was the beautiful finishing touch to share with friends and family.

When I first met Laine and Fel, I knew that we were a good fit. Passionate, emotional, kind, and beautiful are just a few words that describe who they both are as women and as a couple. I can't think of many couples who are so completely and totally enraptured with one another. From the way they look at each other, to the tenderness and kindness they continuously show, everything they do is a celebration of their love.

Laine and Fel opted to do a post-wedding shoot in their going-away outfits a few days after they got back from their honeymoon. These two love to be photographed! Laine is such a fashionista she had a complete trousseau, including a handmade birdcage veil.

Felisity's Skagen watch is engraved with a quote from Laine - "Eye Dove Glue" - her unique way of telling Felisity "I love you."

The morning of the wedding, Sa'dia and I gave equal time to each bride. I went to the Hotel Vandivort to document Laine's bridal prep, and Sa'dia went to shoot Fel's getting ready time at the couple's home. There were so many special moments as they were surrounded by their closest loved ones.

Each bride carried an embroidered handkerchief with the wedding date and the ribbon ring they wore at their original ceremony months before.

Felisity's birthday was the same day as the wedding, so Laine gifted her with a journal full of love letters and an opal necklace for her Libra love.

After Fel and Laine were finished making themselves beautiful for their beloved, it was time to go to Enchanted Hills for their first look and ceremony. They were so happy to see one another!

Laine had created sentimental gifts for her mom and dad...

And Felisity had an emotional reunion with a very special lady, arranged by Laine as a surprise. Fel's friend Linda has been like a mother to her for many years. This is proof that family doesn't have to mean sharing the same flesh and blood.  It was hard for me to keep from fogging up my viewfinder during these moments. 

Flyover Photography

Both Felisity and Laine are surrounded by people who show them love and loyalty every day - lifelong friendships that have given them so much happiness and joy.

Each bride had her own aisle for the ceremony. This was such a wonderful idea!

Laine's sister Alyssa officiated the ceremony. I can only imagine how proud their mom must have been!

After a quick change for Laine into a gorgeous tea-length vintage style gown, Laine and Felisity were ready to make their red carpet entrance at the Savoy Ballroom.


After the toasts, Laine's mom had a fun surprise for the newlyweds. The bridal party and guests serenaded the couple with "Say a Little Prayer For You" as they re-enacted the iconic scene from My Best Friend's Wedding. It was hilarious!

After a sweet cake cutting and chorus of "Happy Birthday" for Felisity, the brides took to the dance floor for their first dance.

LaineFelBlog 11.jpg

After getting to know both of these remarkable young women over the past year, I look forward to watching them start their family, and grow ever more loving and committed to one another as the years go by. True love knows no boundaries. Thank you Laine and Fel for inviting us to be a part of your most special moments. You truly have the real thing.

Getting Ready/Hospitality: Hotel Vandivort

Ceremony Venue: Enchanted Hills

Reception Venue: The Savoy Ballroom

Catering: Cafe Cusco

Cake: Derrick Jarvis

Flowers: Theresa Carter-Hess RosAmungThorns // Arranged by LeaAnn Hudson

Laine's Attire: Ceremony - Watters - Ella Weiss Reception: Justin Alexander - Gown Gallery, KC , Birdcage Veil: Renee Howard(friend of brides)

Laine's Makeup/Hair: Morgan Rollins

Felisity's Attire: Antonio Melani, Dillards

Felisity's Makeup/Hair: Isha Mahan, Karma Salon

Bridesmaids Dresses:  Jim Hjelm, Ultimate Bride, St. Louis, MO

Bridesmaid's Hair: Daniel Aaron

Videography: Josh Wentler and Landon McGilvry

Partnering Photographer: Sa'dia Luallen-Blattert

DJ/Entertainment: Jason Whorlow