When you are in the presence of two people who love each other so madly that it electrifies the air around them - when you can sense and feel how deeply they care for one another, it makes for an amazing engagement session.

Bring that kind of chemistry to the wild beauty of the Missouri wilderness - and suddenly you have a recipe for moments that border on epic. 

When Sa'dia and I met with Laine and Felisity, they explained that they wanted to show the world not only how crazy in love they are, but also what they appreciate most about their home. Felisity is an avid outdoorswoman - she lives for hiking and exploring the trails and rivers of our beautiful state. Her sense of adventure is infectious and inspiring. Laine is a classic glamour girl, who has seen the bright lights of Broadway and LA as an actress, but has contentedly settled in with the love of her life back here in Missouri. Once a Missouri girl, always a Missouri girl.

Laine and Felisity are one of those true love-at-first-sight stories. When you know, you just know. Within 55 days of meeting, they eloped under two birch trees at their favorite park shortly after same sex marriage was legalized. They decided they wanted to share the excitement of their marriage with all of their friends by planning (in Laine's words!) a Big Fat Lesbian Wedding this October. An engagement session at their favorite place on earth was the beginning of their wedding journey.

When Felisity first told us about Turner's Mill on the Eleven Point river, I was so excited to go there. I had never been to that part of the state, and through the miles of rambling roads and hilly dips and turns, I was introduced to the magic of the Irish Wilderness for the first time. Want waterfalls, crystal-clear streams, and mossy bluffs? You really should go. It's magical.

But even with all of that gorgeous scenery around us, none of it could compete with the beauty of the amazing young women in front of me. From the playful way Felisity led Laine out into the spring on that unseasonably warm day, to how Laine completely melted into Felisity's arms, wrapped up in her parents' quilt, their love is the sweetest thing I ever did see. They take such good care of one another. 

Finding the one whom your soul calls "home" is what we all hope for in this life. Laine and Felisity have a love that would rival any great story on the big screen, made right here in Missouri. 

Congratulations, ladies. I'm so glad I get to be there with you on your wedding day. 

Photography Support - Sa'dia Luallen-Blattert