I'm around people in love a lot. I've learned that every couple has their own personality. Some are wildly passionate and affectionate, others are more reserved and cerebral. And then you have the fun couples - the ones that laugh every time their eyes meet and who can't help but make you smile and laugh along with them. Lynne and Jon are that kind of couple.

When Lynne and Jon met online, having both joined a dating site on a whim without expecting to find a real connection, they were surprised at how much they clicked. After chatting online for awhile, they decided to meet. Both Lynne and Jon are baseball fans, so they had their first date at Hammons Field. Jon is usually all about the game, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of Lynne, and they talked through every inning. They were together every chance they had after that first date.

Little did Lynne know, but Jon had been planning an epic proposal for months before he actually popped the question! His first attempt was a hot air balloon ride for Lynne's birthday, but the weather didn't cooperate. Next, Jon planned a romantic camping trip on the Buffalo River, but Lynne got sick, so they had to cancel.

Luckily, Jon didn't give up! It was time for the holidays, and Lynne and Jon busied themselves with decorating their home. Jon was in charge of the lights, and he designed a lighting display that would put Clark Griswold to shame! He planned the big reveal for the night after Lynne's work Christmas party. When they pulled into the driveway and got out of the car, Jon plugged in the lights. The house lit up (without shorting out the entire neighborhood!) but that wasn't all. Jon handed Lynne a remote, and told her to turn on the rest. A message in lights appeared in the window: "Will you marry me?"

Lynne turned to see Jon on one knee, presenting her with a beautiful princess cut diamond ring. How could she say no?

Lynne and Jon are planning a destination wedding and honeymoon in Arizona, and are having a big party in July to celebrate with all of their friends and family. I can't wait to be there to join in the fun! Jon's kindhearted personality with Lynne's cheerful heart make for such a wonderful match. I know they'll be laughing together for many years to come!