When Kayla and I first started chatting over the phone about her wedding to Caleb, I could tell that she wanted something special for their wedding and engagement photography. As we talked, words like "creative, artistic, and unique" came up often, and that got me super excited to work with them. Couples who want to actively participate in the process of making a picture really get me going. I think it's the reason most of my clients tend to be artists, other photographers, and all around creative people. It's a collaborative process that ends up being inspiring for both parties!

When Kayla and Caleb drove in from Oklahoma for their engagement session with me at Fellows Lake, I knew from the moment they stepped out of the car that this was going to be a great experience. I loved their bohemian, free-spirited vibe, and really -  how much more #hashtagflawless could Kayla be? Gorgeous! We started bouncing ideas off of one another immediately, and our shoot was easy and fun - one moment flowed into the next seamlessly.

As we got to know one another, I also found out that this sweet couple have such wonderful hearts. Kayla and Caleb are very active in their church. It was apparent to me how important faith and serving others is in their lives. They are both musicians on their worship team - Caleb is a guitarist and vocalist, and Kayla plays the violin. They are also involved in their community. Caleb's dad is the Chief of the Wyandotte Nation, and Caleb is invested in preserving and keeping Wyandotte culture strong and alive. 

Caleb and Kayla are very loving and kind to one another. They were holding hands almost the whole time we were shooting. We laughed a ton, too! I could tell my little tricks and cues were hilarious to them. They were so darn photogenic, authentic, and all around awesome. (I also admit I fell in love with the Alexandrite ring that Caleb had given Kayla. So beautiful and unique! I can't wait to create a really special ring shot with it.)

As we wrapped up our session, amidst the most gorgeous light I had seen in a long time, I didn't want to stop shooting. I'm looking forward to Kayla and Caleb's June wedding, and all of the fantastic moments and beauty that it will bring to my camera. I often say that my job never feels like work, and with couples like Kayla and Caleb, it's positively inspiring!