Back to the Start...



As a wedding photographer, you bond quickly with the families you work with. A huge part of what we do is centered around relationship-building and establishing trust with our clients. In December of last year, I shot Stefany's cousin Jessica's wedding in Joplin (see it HERE) When Stefany and Zack got engaged over the holidays and began planning their wedding, it was an honor to be given Jessica's and Joey's referral as their photographer. I was thrilled to work with their family again!

There are so many things I could say about Stef and Zack's wedding day, but above all else, relief about the weather was one of the first things on everyone's mind! Thunderstorms had threatened their dream of an outdoor wedding at the Benson family farm all week, but the morning of May 14th arrived bright and sunny. 

The flurry of activity around getting-ready time is one of my favorite parts of the day to document. As Stef, her mom, and her sisters busied themselves at their church by doing one another's hair and makeup, laughing and talking about the day to come, I could almost imagine how they must have looked as little girls. Stef is the baby of the family, and her sisters are loving and nurturing with her, with a touch of sisterly mischief thrown in, of course!

One of the most touching things about the wedding was all the ways in which Stefany and Zack honored their grandparents who have passed on. From the handkerchief remnants from both grandmothers sewn into the wedding gown, to Zack carrying his grandpa's dog tags, mementos to remind themselves and others of their departed loved ones were everywhere. Most poignant of all was Stef's tattoo, which she had always wanted photographed on her wedding day: "Love you More" - the words her grandmother always said when she hugged her goodbye. I may have shed a few tears. 

Stefany and Zack had so much fun at their wedding - from their first look (with a very curious horse looking on) to laughter and shenanigans and just enjoying those around them, it was a completely perfect day. The night ended with a surprise fireworks display and sparkler send-off for the happy couple. 

Thank you for having me, Stefany and Zack! I wish you all the best in the years to come. Hopefully these pictures will tell your love story far better than my words ever could.


Photography Support: Taylor Morris

Videographer: Greg Fish

Bride's Dress: Norma's Inline Fashions