The day starts here...

When I first met Brina at the All About Weddings show last winter, we clicked almost immediately. I knew she was the perfect bride for me -  stylish and creative, with a flair for fashion. As the buyer and merchandiser for Ellecor Design, Brina helps her clients create beautiful spaces, so I also knew her wedding at the elegant Vandivort Hotel would be gorgeous! 

And then when I met Ben, I could instantly see why they fell in love with one another. Their personalities are such a perfect fit, and they are caring as well as thoughtful. They know one another so well! As an example, Ben gifted Brina with a day planner on their wedding day, and this super organized bride was thrilled with such a personalized gift. 

Ben and Brina are lifelong Springfieldians and true locavores. Every aspect of their wedding was local - from their venue, to their cake, to their flowers. The special touches and simple but sophisticated decor were the perfect compliment to Ben and Brina's classic style.

Ben and Brina are especially close to their nieces and nephews. From letting the flower girls have a nice rowdy jump on the bed, to giving them hugs throughout the day, the kids were such a big part of Brina's getting-ready time and the ceremony. You can tell a lot about people by how they treat dogs and children, and both Ben and Brina score high points there! 

Their fun reception was filled with lots of wild and crazy dancing, playful shenanigans, and sweet first dances. Ben even called the hogs in true Razorback fashion, and their shoe game provided plenty of laughs for their guests.

As we stole away for some portraits in the lobby of the Vandivort at the end of the evening, Ben and Brina were so organized and patient that we had the opportunity to set up studio lights and do a Vanity Fair-inspired portrait for this fashionable and photogenic couple. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Thank you, Ben and Brina for choosing Flyover Photography! You were a wonderful couple to work with, and I wish you all the best!


Venue and Catering - The Hotel Vandivort and The Order

Associate Photographer - Jeannie Huff, Photogenie Photography

Officiant - Pastor Dan Caldwell

Wedding Decor - Haden Long, Ellecor

Floral - The Nest

DJ - All That Music