What do New Year's Eve, Friday the 13th, and Disney have in common? Tia and Mike have all of those elements in their love story! 

Mike and Tia met after Tia left a horrible movie date gone wrong. Hoping to cheer her, a friend invited Tia to her office Christmas party. Mike and Tia started chatting, and discovered they shared a lot of things in common - a love for Halloween, Disney, scary movies, and sushi. They had their first date a few days later, and on New Year's Eve, Mike asked if Tia would go steady.

Their proposal was a sweetly romantic reliving of their first date at the same sushi restaurant, and ended with a moonlit dance on the balcony of the Vandivort hotel, where Mike whispered his proposal into Tia's ear. She said yes!


Mike and Tia wanted their engagement session to reflect Mike's family ties to Topaz Mill and the bond they have with their pets, so we started out at their home, and ended at the mill, where the roots of Mike's family history run deep. 

I enjoyed every minute of hanging out with this fun-loving couple, and can't wait for their wedding this weekend. It's sure to be a magical affair!