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A sense of adventure and love of Missouri topography led Andy and Taylor to choose Johnson's Shut-Ins for their engagement session. The geology and rugged beauty of the park is really something spectacular to see, and was the perfect backdrop for these nature-lovers.

These two care for one another so much. I can tell when couples are deeply connected when they melt into one another the way that Taylor and Andy do. I barely had to direct them. All I had to say was "Love on each other" and they were happy to do so.

At the end of our session, we climbed up a steep hill pass, hoping to get an amazing view of the surrounding wilderness at sunset. Instead, we just found more trees! Instead of being disappointed, Taylor and Andy soaked up the last rays of the sun and basked in their affection for one another - which is much better than any stunning vista. 

Taylor and Andy have faced a few challenges and some emotional waves in the past few weeks, but their strength and support for one another shine through. Taylor says, "He's my oak tree. Strong, stable and always grounds me. Out of all the stress of wedding planning, the most steady and solid thing is the peace I have in marrying him."   . 

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