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Gosh I love my Joplin area couples. Even though I live in Springfield, the vast majority of my brides are from the outlying areas of 417 land, Kansas and Arkansas. Whitney and Tim hail from Webb City, and they are such a wonderful couple. I knew from the first time meeting with Whitney that we would be a great match. As she told us about her relaxed Twin Hills wedding over coffee in Joplin, I just knew she was the perfect Flyover bride. I was so excited when she said that she was ready to book!

Tim is the type of guy who you'd swear you've met somewhere before - he just has that kind of personality. His sense of humor and Whitney's sweet and soft-spoken manners compliment one another so well. We had a good time getting to know one another at their engagement session. I loved the gentle way that Tim brushed Whitney's hair out of her eyes several times during our shoot, and the soft way she looks at him could melt anyone. It's the little things that really show a couple's connection. 

I can't wait for their May wedding. I know it's going to be filled with so many great memories and moments. Thanks for being so awesome, Tim and Whitney!

Photography Support: Sa'dia Luallen-Blattert

Patterson Family// Springfield, MO Lifestyle Photographer

The Pattersons invited me to their home for a lifestyle session a couple of weeks ago, and it was so much fun. Janelle is a talented artist, and the home that she and Jay share with their son Fox and newborn daughter Daisy is decorated with Janelle's gorgeous paintings and photographs. It's full of happy, bright colors and textures. It would be awesome to grow up in such a fun house! 

I asked if I could wander around to find the best location for pictures. (Confession: Sometimes I feel like a total creeper doing this, but hey - I gotta find the light!)  We settled in, and after a few moments, everything began to flow naturally. I love, love in-home sessions - unless you live in a legit cave, there is usually great window light somewhere, and everyone is comfortable and content. 

You can see how much Jay and Janelle love each other and their kids.  Fox is such a fun-loving and wonderful big brother - I didn't pick up on one ounce of jealousy toward his new little sister. And Miss Daisy is the sweetest - she's already sprouting a head full of copper hair, and her little yawns and coos gave me major baby fever!

Janelle's mom Rhonda was on hand to help out with Fox and Daisy. She was super helpful, both to me and Mom and Dad. From keeping an eye on my lenses, to helping me breakdown lightstands and changing diapers, she was awesome. We made time to capture her in a few pictures with her beloved grandbabies, because that's important. She is certainly a proud and adoring Nana. 

Family is the best legacy -  the best gift of all.  And love is found in the here and now - every single day.

Thank you Janelle and Jay, you guys have something really special.