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2016 in REVIEW

When a photographer goes through the post-season retrospective of their year, it can be a little emotional. Just like a writer, you may find yourself killing your darlings during such an intensive edit, because a lot can change. You see the things you would have done differently, the things you enjoyed shooting most, and - just like unpacking a bin of clothes at the beginning of a new season - there are still a few things that may surprise you. 

This year, my top 40 choices aren't necessarily my prettiest or most perfect photos. For that, you can go to my portfolio. Instead, they are the photos that still make me feel something, even after months of looking at them hundreds of times. They're the photos where I wasn't afraid to get up close, take chances, or push myself. They're emotional, intimate, and real. For the most part they were taken with my Sigma 35mm - my favorite lens.

2016 was the year where I felt I truly felt at home in my art. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings.




Casey and Kayla are like a breath of fresh air. Refreshingly down-to-earth, and a whole lot of fun, they had me laughing throughout their playful engagement session on Historic C-Street.

We started off with a beer at my favorite dive bar - Ruthies (one of the north side's best kept secrets) where I got to know these ladies a little better before pointing a camera at them. They are both so photogenic it's crazy, but it's their obvious love and respect for one another that really show in these photos. You can tell they are best friends. When couples are this much in love, it's difficult to take a bad picture! 

Casey even brought her "baby" to the session - her gleaming Honda Shadow - which we parked in the middle of the turn lane to capture some fun biker babe images. They rocked it out!

We ended our session by showcasing Kayla and Casey's matching NoH8 tattoos, which are very important to them. As a same-sex couple, they are involved in helping change the negative attitudes and unfair treatment that people in the LGBTQ community face every day. 

Kayla and Casey love their family (they have two beautiful little girls) and are two of the warmest and friendliest people I have ever met! They are getting married next July, and I wish them so much happiness as they join their lives together as a married couple. Congratulations, gals!