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Mia has grown up so much since our last session when she was just 6 months old! She's become a busy little thing who loves to talk - she has quite a sophisticated baby language full of emotion and dynamic range. She was telling me all about her love of music and climbing the whole time we were shooting, even though I couldn't understand her words. Her joy upon seeing the tiny chair I brought to our in-home session said it all, and she also showed me her fabulous skills with her baby drum kit during our time together!

Mia is a very loved little one. Her mama Andie and daddy Stephen are such great parents. You can see that raising their beautiful little daughter in a happy home is the most important job they have. Andie told me that becoming a mother was the greatest gift she had ever been given, and she adores Mia and her brother Gregory so much. Andie is completely in touch with Mia's needs, and she dropped everything to feed her during our session - creating some of the sweetest images of mother and child I've ever taken. 

I had so much fun documenting the joyful and playful personality that Mia has been blessed with. Being invited into the homes of the families I document is my preferred way of photographing a family. There's something incredibly intimate and freeing about photographing children and their parents in their own space - no pressure to pose or create manufactured moments, but instead celebrating the beauty of the everyday. It's the way life is through Mia's eyes. I think she has it pretty good!



Have you ever met a family who loves each other so much that it shows in everything they do? From the way that they look at one another, to the patience that they show, to the fun that they have together? I can tell as a photographer. I can see the difference between families who only act perfect for the camera, and the families who have the real thing. 

The Rollins family is a big, loving, magazine-model gorgeous family who have that real thing. Chad and Morgan love one another so much that you can't help but be affected by the aura of genuine passion and caring they have for each other - a passion that has overcome the worthy challenges of blending two families and the sometimes hectic lifestyle that having seven beautiful children can bring. 

Morgan and Chad are so in tune with one another and their kids that seeing them interact with their children is like watching a well-choreographed, yet relaxed dance. They don't stress about things that don't matter. I didn't hear a single harsh word spoken while I was in their home. The kids all get along so well that you would never even know they are a blended family. And it's apparent the children's needs come first - Chad and Morgan set the kids up with a home-cooked dinner before we snuck out onto the porch with their newest arrival, baby Cora, for some couples' pictures at the end of their session. I only have one child, and I can't even get a home-cooked meal on the table more than three days a week, much less during a photo shoot! I was in awe. 

I see lots of beautiful things that affect me as a photographer. I see newborn babies, happy couples, and high school seniors on their way to the rest of their lives. But seeing a family who demonstrates that love in action matters most make me happy in such a way that few other things can. 

Thank you Chad, Morgan, Jett, Coen, Ireland, Grant, Scout, Coco, and little baby Cora for having me over to capture your mighty love. You guys are amazing.