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Many women have thought about booking a boudoir session. It's one of the few types of photography sessions that can evoke curiosity, excitement, and a whole bundle of nerves. It's boudoir season, and many clients have questions about what to expect during their shoot, so I felt like it was timely to write a post about how I approach boudoir as a photographer. 

  • This is More about You than your Spouse - Sure, these photos are often a gift for a significant other. But when I first started doing boudoir, I noticed that a very interesting phenomenon happened during and after a session. Many of my clients, while initially nervous and expressing  the things their spouse loved about them, slowly but surely began to talk about themselves more as the shoot went on. They started mentioning the things they loved about their bodies - whether it was their long legs or ample derriere, or their toned arms and strong back. I could see their confidence blossom in front of my lens. While these pictures are often done as a sexy gift, boudoir is a huge boost to the self-esteem. Women leave these sessions glowing, happy, and feeling on top of the world. Whether you are single, married, young or old, boudoir is for you, and it is powerful.
  • Leave Something to the Imagination - I'm definitely more interested in capturing sensual vs. overtly sexual imagery. I feel like the imagination is the most erotic asset of all. I'm not a Maxim-style boudoir photographer - although I can appreciate that type of high-key glamour photography, it's just not my style. I love the softness of light on a woman's body - how it falls and sculpts the curving landscape of the feminine form. I believe in showing just enough to allow the imagination to take over - but I do encourage my clients to disrobe to their level of comfort. I am inspired by film noir and Old Hollywood - so beautiful lingerie, soft fabrics, and artistic nudity are characteristic of my style. 
  • Hair and Makeup - My sessions now include en suite hair and makeup application by a professional makeup artist/hairstylist with all packages. Every woman deserves to be pampered and made to feel like a glamorous movie star. And professionally styled hair and makeup tends to instill a level of confidence and "specialness" that can't be achieved with your curling iron and Cover Girl at home in your bathroom. We do individual lashes for natural length and fullness, and apply flattering, classic makeup and contouring to bring out the best in your features.
  •  Mani/Pedi 411 - Having pretty toes and fingernails is also important. Prior to your boudoir shoot, take the time to schedule a manicure and pedicure. If you go with polish, go with classic tones such as ballet pink, nude, or red. But please, do not come to your session in chipped polish. This takes up a lot of time in post-processing to correct. If your nails are chipped, remove your nail polish before coming to our session. Bare nails are better!
  • Your Trust is Important To Me - I respect your privacy and your level of modesty, and will never share images on social media or my blog/portfolio without your express consent. Your images are stored in a password-protected gallery that only you(and whomever you invite)is allowed to access. I do occasionally share galleries with other boudoir clients during the consultation phase, but I will always ask before doing so.
  • Photoshop - I do edit/retouch all of your images in Photoshop, but I do not do extreme body contouring. I would encourage you to embrace where you are at in your journey right now, in this body that loves and nurtures you every single day, before booking boudoir. Most women are pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous they are when they view their images, because we usually have a very unrealistic perception of ourselves. I pose my clients in such a way to make the most of a woman's natural form. I believe that every woman is beautiful, and can't wait to show you how stunning you are!
  • Relax - Above all, I want my boudoir clients to feel comfortable, safe, and free to be themselves - without judgement or shame. Shame over our bodies is something that I don't believe in, because we are exactly the way that we were created to be as women - soft, voluptuous, strong and sensual creatures.

Boudoir is ultimately about embracing your femininity, owning the power inside of you, and reflecting the beauty that you were freely given. And it's also lots and lots of fun! So be ready to laugh, smile, listen to some foxy music, and sip some champagne. The album may be for your mate, but the experience is all about you.