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Mia has grown up so much since our last session when she was just 6 months old! She's become a busy little thing who loves to talk - she has quite a sophisticated baby language full of emotion and dynamic range. She was telling me all about her love of music and climbing the whole time we were shooting, even though I couldn't understand her words. Her joy upon seeing the tiny chair I brought to our in-home session said it all, and she also showed me her fabulous skills with her baby drum kit during our time together!

Mia is a very loved little one. Her mama Andie and daddy Stephen are such great parents. You can see that raising their beautiful little daughter in a happy home is the most important job they have. Andie told me that becoming a mother was the greatest gift she had ever been given, and she adores Mia and her brother Gregory so much. Andie is completely in touch with Mia's needs, and she dropped everything to feed her during our session - creating some of the sweetest images of mother and child I've ever taken. 

I had so much fun documenting the joyful and playful personality that Mia has been blessed with. Being invited into the homes of the families I document is my preferred way of photographing a family. There's something incredibly intimate and freeing about photographing children and their parents in their own space - no pressure to pose or create manufactured moments, but instead celebrating the beauty of the everyday. It's the way life is through Mia's eyes. I think she has it pretty good!



Gosh, how I love the Lazzaros. Each time I get the opportunity to be their photographer, I know that the moments are going to be great and unfold completely on their own. This is a family who gets it. They are involved, affectionate, and dedicated to raising their son Atticus in a nurturing environment that will foster independence and growth. They also have a whole lot of fun in the process.

When I arrived at their beautiful new home (full of natural light!) to do their lifestyle session, Atticus had just gotten finished with quiet time, and he was rested and ready to play! He couldn't wait to show me his new Iron Man costume and to stick fight with Dad out in the yard. I followed them around with my camera and my long lens, capturing all of the fun this family has together. 

During lifestyle sessions, I try my best not to overdirect families. I may suggest different locations in the home with the best light, or rearrange pieces of furniture from time to time, but other than that, I try to be hands off. I tell them to act as they would normally on any given day. It's important to capture the here and now - because these everyday moments are what will really matter years down the road. The everyday is what I remember most from my own childhood - things like my dad building a fire every winter morning in the Ben Franklin stove, or my mom crocheting on the couch while her soap operas droned from the television. I wish I had pictures of those things now.

The Lazzaros give me so much good stuff to work with as a family documentarian. I always look forward to their sessions, and enjoy seeing a happy family play and love in a way that is organic, genuine, and unforced. Thank you for having me, Chris and Courtney. I love getting to watch Atticus grow up from behind my lens.