What are your prices? Why aren't they listed?  Upon inquiry, I will send you a link to my pricing page. The reason why I do not list my prices is that I prefer to have a point of contact - a getting to know you conversation - before we start talking about money. I really want to know your story so that I can tell it more fully! My weddings begin at $2450 and I have collections for all your wedding day needs. Let's talk

How long have you been a photographer? I started shooting with intention on my dSLR camera about 5 years ago. I took the leap into professional photography when I had people regularly asking me to take their portraits. I really believe a solid foundation in photography is important before you "go pro" and I made sure I was qualified and confident in my ability to document people's lives before I started charging for my work.

So what is "lifestyle" photography, exactly? The word "lifestyle" gets thrown around a lot today. It simply means photography that captures candid slice-of-life moments. Lifestyle, or fine-art weddings involve a mix of photojournalism and non-intrusive direction during portrait time. My primary focus is on candid moments and documentary-style coverage of the ceremony and reception, with time set aside for naturally-posed, fine art portraits of the couple, bridal party, and their families. I'm a storyteller (I was a writer long before I was a photographer) so my photography has a distinct, narrative thread. 

Do you do Family Photography? I offer two mini-session dates a year where I do family photography - one in the Spring, and one in the Fall. The rest of my weekends are focused on serving clients for their weddings and engagements, as well as a limited amount of Boudoir sessions on weekdays. If you'd like to schedule a family session, I highly recommend Flyover Films. LLC.

Do you shoot video? I don't. I am a still photographer, through and through! My best friend and longtime business partner, Sa'dia Luallen-Blattert, owns our sister company Flyover Films. She is in love with creating moving pictures, as well as offering her other passion - pet photography! She's been my assistant and second-shooter for over a year now, and she is a fantastic photographer/filmmaker in her own right. 

Do you only shoot with natural/available light? Light is my thing. Being able to see light well is one of the areas in which I can be confident in saying I excel. While natural light photography is my preference and a defining characteristic of my style, I can and do use reflectors, on and off-camera flash, and other fun lighting tricks. If you have a dark venue for your wedding - have no fear. I have shot wedding receptions in pitch-black basements with no available ambient light and have done bridal portraits after dark. 

If you love my warm golden hour photos, these can only be accomplished early in the morning around sunrise or two hours before sunset. The light is much better during this time of day, and makes everything so golden and glow-y.

Ugh!! The forecast says it's going to rain on the day of our shoot. Can we reschedule?? Extended forecasts are the devil. I've been a Missouri girl my whole life, and I've seen the weather turn on a dime. I only trust radar. Two hours before our session, if I see a behemoth of a storm barreling our way, I will promptly call you to reschedule. Every time I have had a client request a reschedule due to the forecast, the weather has cleared, it would have been perfectly fine to shoot, and everyone was disappointed. Besides, pictures in the rain or snow can be so much fun! If you do decide to reschedule because of a weather forecast, please give me at least 12 hours notice so that I can make other plans. I allow one reschedule free of charge. If there are subsequent reschedule requests, each incident will be invoiced at $50 per request.

Can you Photoshop Me? While I do retouch your photos using Photoshop to remove dark circles, blemishes, and fine-tune your features so that your prints will be as flattering as possible, I do not do extreme body contouring. I believe that every woman is beautiful as she is, and I will instead utilize creative posing to make the most of your figure. With my boudoir packages, I do more retouching to smooth skin and add highlighting/contouring - but my main goal as a photographer is to make you look like the best "you" possible. I try to get things right in-camera to minimize the amount of time I need to spend in Photoshop, as this means you will get to see your photos much sooner.

I'm interested in possibly booking you for my wedding. How does it all work? That's so exciting! I love talking with couples about their wedding plans, and it's an honor to be considered. Initially, we usually start out chatting via email or phone call. I want to hear all about your wedding, so if you think we'll be a good fit, I'll try to follow up by scheduling a consultation so we can chat in person. I am not a hard sell - I realize there are lots of great wedding photographers out there, and if we've made it to the consultation phase, it's more about what I can do to help you with your wedding than trying to close the deal. Have lots of questions ready! Now is the time to bring up any concerns. I will also bring studio policy info to the consultation so that you can look everything over. You don't have to decide anything right then, but I will follow up within 72 hours of our meeting to see if you have any more questions. I get many inquiries, with limited dates per year available, so while I do give you first consideration within that 72 hour window after we meet, bookings are first come, first serve.  If you decide to go forward with booking me, I require 30% of your wedding collection with your signed contract as a retainer, with the final 70% due two weeks before the wedding. I cannot hold wedding dates without a paid/cleared retainer and signed contract. 

Do you have a second photographer for weddings? Beginning in January 2016, all mainline wedding Collections will include two photographers.

What happens if you get sick the day of my wedding?  Unless I am physically unable to walk or work my camera equipment, I will be there. Dayquil is wonderful! If, however, I have a serious family emergency or (God forbid - die)I will have made arrangements with my second-shooter or an alternate photographer to shoot your wedding. I am well-connected in the local photography community and will find you a photographer.

Why do I have to pay a deposit/sign a contract? I have learned that we will have a much more pleasant business interaction if all things are spelled out in advance via contract to help communicate expectations. Boudoir packages require 20% of the total package price as a non-refundable retainer to reserve the date of our shoot. The rest is due the day of our shoot. I can reschedule the shoot once without further charges if illness prevents us from holding the session. For Weddings: I require a 30% retainer to cover the date of your wedding. 

Do I have to do a first look? My groom and I do not want to see each other before the wedding. First looks are totally optional. It's your wedding day, and it should be as you want it. One benefit of doing a first look is that you have more time at your reception to mingle with your guests. We can also usually shoot family formals before the wedding as well. It all depends on the timeline of the wedding and how early you want to begin photography. 2-3 hours before the wedding is standard.

Will you shoot same-sex weddings? Absolutely. I have shot same-sex weddings. Love is love!

Help! I've never planned a wedding before, and I don't know how to begin. Can you help? As a former bride myself, I understand that weddings can be stressful. I can definitely help you organize your timeline for the day, as this is an integral part of my services as your photographer. I can also make suggestions on wedding ceremony start times for the best light, etc.  I am only an email or phone call away, and I am happy to answer your questions.  I also highly suggest hiring a wedding coordinator to help with your day, especially for larger weddings.

How long will it be before I see my images? My business philosophy is to under-promise and over-deliver. I make it my goal for you to have your wedding images on my website for you to view and download within 6 weeks of the event, but I strive to provide them  much sooner. My boudoir sessions have a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks.  I retouch and edit every image I include in your package. (During busy season, June-November, turnaround time may slightly increase.)

I hear your camera clicking a bunch during our session. Does that mean I'm going to get all those photos? That's a reasonable question, and one I had myself before I became a photographer. I take more pictures than I will need during a typical session. During the editing process, I cull all of the most flattering photos, and delete the photos which are unflattering or repetitive.  You wouldn't want those pictures anyway! Depending on the length of your shoot, I will deliver only the best shots of you and your family, completely retouched and ready for print and web usage. Rest assured that quality is my main goal as your photographer!

What is a print release? Why do you include it? A print release is permission from me as your photographer to print the photos I give to you. Due to copyright laws, if I do not provide you with this release, you are not legally allowed to reproduce the photograph, and some labs will question you. Some photographers provide an actual copyright release, I do not. I still retain the copyright to all of my images, but you can reproduce them in print and share them via Facebook and other social media with photo credit.  Please do not use them for financial gain or alter/re-edit them. That's my only rule. :)